Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cobalt Blue or Jasper Red; that is the question…

If I could justify this bag, it would be mine already. If you can justify it, go get it immediately!

In leather it is a perfectly understated luxury item in the perfect size to hold the things you need for the day plus a bit extra for the unexpected. Like an umbrella or spare pair of fancy shoes, what did you think I meant?

Tip: If you happen to be in Europe, this lovely item will set you back slightly fewer dinero, even with the exchange rates these days.

From an article in last October’s New York Times:

“Coppola was inspired by a trip to Louis Vuitton’s original home in Asnières, on the outskirts of Paris. Working with the special order department, she took up the challenge of designing ‘the perfect bag that doesn’t exist.’”

“Coppola wanted a day bag that was “chic, discreet and lightweight and that isn’t enormous,” adding that “it is hard to find bag without a lot of hardware.” She opens the roomy bag (selling in the monogram version at €1,600, or about $2,190), showing how there is an open pocket enabling her to grab her telephone. The evening clutch (€800), with its pochette containing a mirror, is “a thing I wanted for myself.”

(image courtesy of Louis Vuitton)